Double Speed Aerator

New type aerator after our company  use a new technology and development many years,
It overcomes the drawback of traditional aerator, and it's making wave and pump up water group in the integrated.  It's well received by users after test and use. In advocating energy saving, environmental protection,
low-carbo era, this aerator is a good helper for the broad masses of farmers to improve economic efficiency,
reduce production costs and create wealth.
Big water flow,  more spray, enough oxygen in pond bottom,wave rolling several of acres, the wave can dissolve oxygen and spread around the pond, effectively solve the traditional  aerator oxygen  is too concentrated, leading  to fish andshrimp together
and resulting the other place hypoxia.
1. Low power consumption, power 1.5kw / 3.0kw,  can continue working with high efficiency more than 6 month, low repair rate.
2.  Efficient impeller-type aeration, can quickly and effectively increase dissolved oxygen  in water.
3.  Slow push water  paddle, to promote the upper and lower water exchange.
4.  Independent research and development of special planetary gear box, energy saving and low consumption.
5. Has a strong  pumping  capacity, improve the pond bottom water quality.
6. Has a certain  push-wave  function. 

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