Alim Industries Limited was established in 1396 Bengali Year (1990 AD) in the South Surma, BSCIC Industrial Estate. To provide complete machinery Based Agricultural solution to our farmers, to improve, research, develop and manufacture better agro machineries, Alim Industries Limited has always strived to achieve the very best. We have performed and demonstrated with our machineries throughout the whole country, round the year. To get the farmers acquainted with out all sort of field machineries, we arrange field demonstrations, fair, road show, free servicing and campaign. Through these activities we show and train the farmers how to get the best result using our machines and methods, how to minimize the cultivation cost, how to keep the land fertile, use surface water, reduce the use of artificial chemicals, pesticides and fertilizer. By transforming the traditional farming methods into farm mechanization system we have been developing, improving, manufacturing our different machineries such as power tiller, paddy- wheat power thrasher, maize power thrasher, power reaper, Winnower, Drum Seeder, Power Tiller Operated Seeder,  Dryer Machine. Alim Industries Limited has been manufacturing its own developed and designed products, at the same time we have been manufacturing machines designed by different government research organizations such as BARI, BRRI, IRRI. All the products manufactured by Alim Industries Limited is patent designed trademark and copy right protected.