Alimul Ahsan Chowdhury

Managing Director

  • Managing Director- Alim Industries Limited. (Agro-machinery Research, Development & Manufacturer)

  • Managing Director- RLH Limited

  • Executive Director- Royal Homes Ltd.(Real Estate Concern)


Mr. Alimul Ahsan Chowdhury was born on 30 August 1975 in a noble muslim family of Golapgonj, Sylhet.He inherited the Alim Industry from his father Mr. M.A. Alim Chowdhury who started manufacturing small machine parts that revolved into a large agricultural machinery manufacturing industry.

Mr. Chowdhury got diploma in Mechanical Engineering. He joined his father’s industrial venture and helped him to achieve its present status as one of the best agricultural machinery manufacturing industry of Bangladesh. Alim Industries Ltd is now able to compete successfully with imported foreign products and also exporting its product to abroad.

Mr. Chowdhury did not confine his ingenuity to the Alim Industries Ltd rather he extended his area of activities to other sectors of the economy. He was one of the founder Executive Directors of the Royal Homes Ltd that recently becomes the pinnacle of the Real Estate Company in Sylhet region.

He is one of the Sponsor Share holder of the Baraka Group.
Professional Expertise:

Since 1990 he practically experience in Agro-Machinery production, research and development as a Mechanical Engineer. Additionally he specialized for Land procurement, development and Construction. In his professional life he participated more in Int’l Exhibition and Seminars. Moreover, in industrial sector he take care of overall management the company, finance control, Finance arrangement, Product management, Agro-Machinery production, Quality control, Research, Development and marketing.



He has visited USA, UK, Denmark, Germany, France, East Timor, Indonesia, UAE, KSA, China and India for the purpose of business promotion, participation in Seminars and Int’l exhibitions etc. He interacted with various stakeholders, exchanged views with local government authorities, concerned authorities of international organization/agencies during his visits.



Boards and Industry & Other Involvement of Alimul Ahsan Chowdhury:



  • President- AMMA B (Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Association of  Bangladesh)

  • Chairman (EC) - UCEP-Bangladesh, Sylhet.

  • President- Institute of Diploma Engineers (IDE), South Surma, Sylhet,Bangladesh

  • Executive Member- Sylhet Apartment And Real-Estate Group (SAREG)

  • Life Member- Muslim Shahitto Sangsad, Sylhet

  • Secretary - BSCIC Industry Owners' Association Gotatikor, Kodomtoli Sylhet.

  • Treasurer- BSCIC Industry Owners' Association, Central Committee.

  • General Body Member- FBCCI (The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry)

  • Convener- Agricultural Industry SUb Committee -Sylhet Chember Of Commerce